Cockroach Control Toronto

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Cockroaches can survive in almost every setting. They feed on small particles or organic materials and even a small food source can sustain a large population. They reproduce fast. Even if you see one or two cockroaches, there might be a large population in hiding. Call us today and let us help: 647-560-0345

We provide complete and effective cockroach control solutions. ¬†Our technicians evaluate each scenario and then urge the appropriate treatment. We can effectively deal with American, Brown, German and Oriental roaches. Contact us for a consultation and let’s help remove the roach infestation.
While nearly every roach scenario is unique, the general rules for managing a cockroach populations are removing food and water sources. The usage of lure and glue traps help affect their population directly.

Dealing with cockroaches is important as their colonies can grow rapidly from the small problem to your full-blown infestation. The microorganisms causing these disorders are transported on the legs and bodies of the roach.

Roaches are quite large insects have a wide, flattened body and a relatively small head but deviate from type to type. They are highly adaptable and in a few cases difficult to treat. They’re nocturnal, and can feed on many different food sources.

The German cockroach can be a major problem in all types of buildings, small residential, highrises, hospitals and food establishments. German roaches, use water, electrical, and heating systems and cracks and crevices to get to almost every area of a building.

How To Control Cockroaches?

Effective and complete control of a cockroach population can be challenging as in most cases, the areas roaches live in are inaccessible. The best way to deal with a roach problem is to limit or remove food, water and shelter sources. Good hygiene and sanitation is essential. Removing food and water residues is very important. Limiting harbourage can be done by applying latex or acrylic caulking around plumbing and pipes, cupboards, outlets, sinks, toilets and cabinets. Store food in tight containers and keep all surfaces clean.

Mostly kitchens and sometimes bathrooms are most common places where roaches are seen as they require humidity.

Glue traps and limiting attractants can be an effective treatment in most cases. However, pesticide treatments are required in some cases. Our technicians asses every situation and apply insecticides only when and where needed.