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Cockroach-killing Alternatives

Cockroaches must be one of the most horrendous bugs in existence that continue to pester people in all kinds of households across Canada. Most people who come across these insects do not have a first line of defence, and if they do, they do not where to start other than buying over-the-counter products from the local supermarket or hardware store where they are being enticed by flashy branding and copy.

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This is an issue for many of us because we do not know what to do or are hesitant to ask for outside help due to preconceived notions for example that pest control might be too expensive, and this might have been the case in the past, but things have changed, and the industry and the services have become very affordable.

Old Notions, New Era

These pest control tasks are carried out by licensed and experienced professionals who have the experience and the know-how to make sure that the cockroach issue is eliminated from the source so that it can no longer be an issue for the residents that live in the home. Some people might be hesitant to hire a professional because of the chemicals. This is another notion that has been engraved in the minds of many. Most pesticides are safe for indoor use and if there is any need to go outside, pest control experts will make sure that all the safety measures and precautions are met before taking any further steps. There are sprays to get rid of cockroaches, but they are temporary.

Cockroach-Killing Alternatives

People do not realize that there are cockroach-killing alternatives that do not call for the need of chemicals and if they do, they are very familiar to us. If you would like to find out what these cockroach-killing alternatives are then make sure to read below. Please note that these are not alternatives to actual effective and professional treatments, but might be temporary relives since it is applied on an on-sight-basis and does not take care of the actual cockroach sources where thousands of cockroaches might be living and breeding right as you are reading this article.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are often used in Asian cooking to take off the edge of bitterness, but did you know that these wonderful leavy cooking ingredients can also be used as effective deterrents? The downside of using bay leaves is that their potency wears off as time pass. Bay leaves will stay good for about a year. The quality of the bay leaves also plays an important role.

Soap and water

Whoever wants to get their hands dirty, should probably wash their hands with water and soap afterwards. Well, here you can use water and soap as an effective homemade cockroach repellant. All you need is a cup of water and half cup of liquid detergent. The reason why this is effective is because the water and soap will penetrate the exoskeleton and renders the cockroach basically paralyzed.

Borax with an attractant

Borax kills, but borax alone does not attract and for that, you will have to trick these cockroaches. It may seem counterintuitive, but you can combine borax with powdered sugar. Cockroaches will eat from powdered sugar and also will eat from borax. It will meet somewhat of a blissful death.

Cockroach Control Toronto

If you have cockroaches on your property and need to get rid of them, hire a professional fully licensed and insured pest control technician from Cockroach Control Toronto