Can you kill cockroaches with electrical fly swatters?

No, you cannot unfortunately kill cockroaches with a fly swatter. This is due to the fact that fly swatters generate a very low voltage for it to be effective for cockroaches. What needs to be done instead is to call a professional pest control technician from  Cockroach Exterminator Toronto that has the necessary experience, skill, and knowledge. Pest control technicians are licensed individuals that can get rid of virtually any pest that plagues Canadian households everywhere and cockroaches are no exception to that. Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill and especially for homeowners who might not dispose of the right tools and skills, it can be a nightmare to deal with. When you hire an exterminator you are guaranteed fair and effective treatment of your premises. Technicians are able to evaluate the situation and tailor a treatment that will make your cockroach problem a thing of the past. Conventional household products such as repellants have no to very little effect on cockroaches because unbeknown to many, cockroaches continue to build up resistance whatever they are faced with. Contrary to technicians, they keep learning and honing their skills from day one and apply what they learn in the industry and apply in the field. When you hire pest control technicians, you know that you are dealing with motivated individuals who want the same as you. Cockroaches often find themselves in hard to reach places and even if you spray the formulation in the crevice of where you think the cockroach is hiding, it might not be even effective because the formulations are less effective by design and this has to do with the stringent measures and guidelines manufacturers have to deal with. When you have a visit from a licensed pest control technician, the technician has truly effective formulations at its disposal where the active ingredient is not restricted to a particular amount, instead it plays an active role in the elimination of the cockroaches present on the premises. Not only are you getting rid of the cockroach problem itself, but the technicians

also ensure that there is no second chance of an infestation ever happening by countering it by deploying proofing solutions that see a long-term effect and one that keeps the cockroaches out for good. If you have any questions
regarding the process, please feel free to call the pest control technicians from The Exterminators Inc. at any time.