Do Newer Condos Have Cockroach Problems In Toronto

All apartment buildings in every city around the world can have cockroach problems. Cockroaches can biggy back from an infested home to a new home and cockroaches live in the sewer and can come up to apartments through a drain. This is the same in a residential home. Just because a condo is new does not mean cockroaches have not already started infesting it. The reason apartment buildings suffer from cockroach infestations more frequently than houses is that they are shared by many tenants. Some tenants may have an infestation they have not reported to the building management and that infestation could be getting into the apartments around them. This is why it seems like all apartment buildings have cockroaches. Even brand-new ones. The best way to deal with it is to report it to the building management and have them inspect other apartments around you for activity. This will ensure that the source of the infestation is treated. If you have cockroaches and you want to treat them yourself on top of the management treatments then you can take the traditional three-pronged approach. That is a combination of power and the same cockroach treatments that are highly effective. The first is silicon dioxide which is safe for humans in every way and dangerous for inspects. The particles are microscopic and razor-sharp. They can get into the crevices of the cockroaches and damage their carapace tearing off their legs and scratching the waxy coating that keeps fluid in their bodies. This often causes them to die and desiccate.

Cockroaches are a very common sight in apartment buildings because they are such an enclosed space filled with so many people. Some people may have cockroaches and not notice or care which can feed the general issue in the building and other apartments.

The next process is to spray the apartment’s baseboards with a chemical called Pymethrin which is a pesticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This is dangerous if inhaled so make sure to keep it away from your face while you spray it. You can use it to spray the baseboards of your home as well as the walls of the kitchen and bathrooms where it meets the counters. Finally, use gell bait in the kitchen and bathroom on the floor behind large appliances and inside of lower counters. In the bathroom place it behind the toilet and in other areas that are tightly spaced. This is a powerful combination of pesticides and chemicals that will kill an early cockroach infestation but if you are still seeing them after a month it is best to call a professional and have a full commercial-grade treatment done. The price is worth it as they will give you a warranty that will allow them to return and retreat if the infestation persists. The dangers of a cockroach infestation are severe so make sure to take it seriously. Seeing one cockroach in your apartment is enough to begin treating. If you are worried about pesticides you can try insecticide dust and gel bait but that may not be enough to kill everything. Cockroaches can breed quickly producing hundreds of babies in their lifetime, the german cockroach can produce thousands so make sure you identify the species so you know what to expect. A german cockroach infestation is far more severe than others and requires more intense and vigorous treatment.