Do spicy foods cooked at home deter cockroaches

Do spicy foods cooked at home deter cockroaches?

There is no concrete research that strongly suggests that cockroaches are averse to spicy foods. From an evolutionary standpoint, spices are a defense mechanism of several plants to protect themselves from being eaten.
Humans are one of the few animals that take a liking to spicy foods. Cockroaches on the other side will eat anything humans deem edible and will go even beyond that from eating from the trash to feces, to even eating from their own. This has to do with the day the cockroach has evolved as it needed the means to survive no matter what age it was in and this developed the cockroaches questionable pallet. When cockroaches die they secret an odor often called the death odor which may provoke cockroaches to feat on their fellow-cockroach without any regard. The cockroach is a
mighty insect, but small in size. It can live through multiple days without food, water, a substantial time without oxygen, and survive a decapitation for quite some time. There is not a lot that deters cockroaches from doing what they love most and that is why you need a professional pest control technician who knows all the ins and outs of their behavior and preferences. Contrary to what most people think, there is not just simply a cockroach, but several species of cockroaches that invade your house and nest in a different part of your home. For example, you have the
American Cockroach, The Oriental Cockroach, The German Cockroach, and The Brown-Banded Cockroach all with their preferences and dislikes. One thing that all cockroaches have in common though is their love for food, water, and moisture that is why you are much more likely to cross paths with a cockroach in the kitchen than one in the yard for example since the kitchen offers the cockroach exactly what it came looking for. There are plenty of traps and repellants on the market that has become a staple in Canadian households throughout the country all promising one thing after the other. The issue is that these repellants are no match against the sheer number of cockroaches you not might be even seeing. When we think about cockroaches, we think about fighting the ones we see crawling and scurrying away but unknown to a lot of people, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For every cockroach you see, expect dozens in hiding. This is why you need a professional exterminator because they know exactly where these cockroaches hide to effectively get rid of them.