German Cockroach Life Cycle

The German cockroach is not native to North America, the American cockroach and the Brown-banded cockroach are. The German cockroach came here on ships from Europe and as it did in Europe has invaded our homes and kitchens just the same. They are the smallest of all the cockroaches in North America and have the largest number of eggs out of all of them in their egg sacks, also called Ootheca. While most cockroach species have five to eight eggs in a single Ootheca, managing to produce hundreds of offspring through their life cycle the German cockroach can produce thousands. They are also very short-lived living only for one hundred and sixty days compared to the Americans who can live up to two hundred and fifty days. All cockroaches have short life spans, made even shorter when they are killed off by treatment, but the German cockroach lives the shortest lives and yet can produce the most offspring. This makes them a much more dangerous infestation compared to other species as they can populate your home with thousands of cockroaches over a very short time. If you see a german cockroach in your home then you need to act fast. A domestic treatment may not be as effective on this species but will help stave them off. However, if you are seeing lots of them, especially the hundreds of black-coloured babies then you have a serious infestation and need to get professional treatment. German cockroaches can be confusing, the adults are pale and tan coloured but their babies are black. The only real way to tell is their size. They are half the size of other cockroaches and the adults look almost beautiful.

Unlike the American and Brown-Banded Cockroaches, German cockroaches are not native to North America. They are serious and problematic infestations that can reproduce more rapidly than other species of cockroach. While other cockroaches can produce hundreds of cockroaches in their life span the German cockroach can produce thousands

If you have german cockroaches you need to act fast, as said a domestic treatment is not extreme enough but if you cannot afford a professional treatment then you can try a combination of domestic treatments that will have a better effect altogether. Insecticide dust is microscopic silica dioxide particles. That means burnt silicon or the oxide of silica. This is produced by bringing silica particles to extremely high heat, and burning them until they turn to ash. This article is not dangerous to humans or other mammals and can be found naturally on the earth. The natural form is called diatomaceous earth and is the product of million-year-old single-cell organisms. This is safe to use as it’s used in grin storage so everyone who eats bread or cereal has already eaten a small amount of silicon dioxide. The next most effective method is gell bait. This bait is designed to attract cockroaches and give them something to eat. Storing your food away so they can’t reach it such as putting it in tightly lidded glass containers will help. The final treatment is something called Permethrin which is derived from a group of plants called Chrysanthemums. This is a dangerous pesticide and if inhaled can harm a human so spray it well away from your face along the baseboard of the house and on the wall in the kitchen and bathroom. This spray will kill cockroaches effectively and easily. However, if the treatment does not work then the only thing you can do is get a professional treatment done.