How to Make Homemade Cockroach Spray

Cockroaches are a menace when it comes to the household. They wreak havoc on whatever space they come in and people are not exactly waiting for it. The aversion to cockroaches may be as old as humans start roaming and trekking the earth, but despite the technological advancements made, we still have this primal fear of this annoying insect and pests that we love to see squashed. Cockroaches can come in any building from apartments to homes, and to even commercial spaces!

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Cockroaches are such a pain because they do not know when to stop and when to back off. Once they have infiltrated an area, they will continue and reproduce non-stop. When cockroaches enter a property, they have an objective they wish to achieve and that is to get close to the nearest food source. This is why it is highly recommended to have the pros do the job!

So how do you make a homemade cockroach spray?


The ingredients are quite simple and found in most people’s home, and if one or a few is not found, you can get them easily at a grocery store or a hardware store. Maybe it’s a good time to get away from roaches and breathe in the fresh air. As too many cockroaches can actually make the quality of life far worse. But yes, you can spray for cockroaches!

So here is what to do to make that homemade cockroach spray

• Liquid Dish Soap
• Baking soda
• Water (preferably distilled)
• Peppermint drops from essential oil

Once you have combined all the ingredients in a spray bottle, you can go ahead a spray at key locations such as the kitchen, the bathroom, spritz the floor, the garage, and more!
So how do you recognize the signs of a cockroach infestation?

Frequent sightings of Cockroaches

Yes, frequently seeing cockroaches does not just mean that they aren’t just starting to annoy you more often, but it means that you have an actual issue far greater than what you think. A lot of people think that seeing a lot of cockroaches is just part of having them, but what you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. There could be thousands of cockroaches hidden from plain sight and this is what most people do not understand. The longer that you let cockroaches go unchecked, the more and more they are going to take this opportunity to multiply.

Cockroach Poop

You might not even think about it or might not even see it, but if you see cockroach poop piling up or at random spots then you know that the issue is getting out of hand. Just like most pests, cockroaches do not watch where they poop. They do not have a designated spot and will poop as much as they eat. Over time, when the cockroach issue starts to get out of control and start developing a musty odour which people often describe as wet cardboard.

Baby Cockroaches or smaller cockroaches

The cockroach issue can take an unexpected turn when you notice a lot of smaller cockroaches. While these might not be all baby cockroaches, seeing smaller cockroaches should let some bells ring that something is seriously wrong. These smaller cockroaches can be often seen on the floor in the kitchen where people often leave leftovers or crumbs. These cockroaches are often seen hiding underneath electrical appliances such as under the fridge or scurrying away under cracks and crevices.

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