Peppermint Oil Spray for Cockroaches

It might be surprising but there are essential oils that work surprisingly well for cockroaches, and one happens to be a very nice smelling one. Peppermint oils as it turns out harm cockroaches and can guarantee these buggers stay away.

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Research has not come up with a definitive answer, but it might be similar to why humans despise certain smells. Even though cockroaches do not have a nose like me and you do (assuming that a human is reading this) Cockroaches have a very impressive set of olfactory glands that gives cockroaches the ability to smell scents from up to feet away and this is what sets cockroaches in motion when comes to smelling certain foods.

So you are probably wondering how you can make this spray your selves. Several self help-sites give out several solutions that range from mixing vinegar and peppermint oil or just oil by itself and water. The most straightforward solution is just mixing a few drops and mixing it with water. Make sure that the spray bottle is new.

You can buy these spray bottles from online retailers and the dollar store for very cheap. So getting the water bottle should not be a hassle! Next up is buying the essential oils! Essential oils can be bought in online stores and physical stores. You can find these in wellness-centred stores or a local pharmacy near you.

Whatever the case is, be prepared to shell out some money for them as the price of essential oils can be quite steep depending on where and from you buy them.

Where do cockroaches come from?

There is a reason why you are reading this, and it may have to do with seeing cockroaches all over the place. You see them and suddenly don’t see them, you turn around and there they are again, but they came with a whole group! It is also important to know what these cockroach eggs look like since they will spawn lots of roaches!

So you are wondering where these cockroaches keep coming from. Cockroaches can come in a lot of different ways. Most cockroach infestations start because these cockroaches were brought in from the outside. Cockroaches come through points that we call entry points. These can be holes, crevices, or gaps that are dotted around the exterior of the property, and this will give the cockroaches the passage to get to the inside of the building.

What do Cockroaches want?


Cockroaches want simple things in life like the humble pest they are these to include water, food, warmth, and shelter. Once these demands are met, they will stay there indefinitely and breed and stay in harborage areas where the eye cannot meet them. To get behind walls and appliances, professionals need to be hired to annihilate these pests for good! Call the professionals from Cockroach Control by calling 647-560-0345