Where Do Cockroaches Like to Hide?

Cockroaches are nasty pests and they are also quite good at keeping out of our way by hiding through the day and getting out only in the night, although the same cannot be said of their habit of invading our space in the dark and even their tendency of spreading diseases and allergies. That way, they are quite hands on indeed!

Even so, cockroaches are pretty good at hiding. Since they are mainly nocturnal in nature, they tend to come out only in the night, and unless there’s a large population living under your roof, chances are you will never notice these pests out during the day. In fact, you won’t even find any trace of their existence unless you pay close attention.

So, where do cockroaches like to hide?

Cockroaches love places where there is minimal human interference of course, and these critters are quite comfortable in dark, wet and dinghy places. Give them a clean environment and they know they wouldn’t have anything to feed on in such places!

Then there are the special abilities these insects have developed to keep themselves safe. They can walk upside down on the ceiling, flatten their bodies to squeeze themselves into the tiniest spaces and some of them can even fly when the need arises.

Cockroaches love damp places, and usually settle down in spaces that have a water source close by. Pipes are a favorite with them, and since water pipes run all through the house with plenty of space between them and their enclosures, you will often find roaches setting up base here.

The vacant spaces in your furniture, the space behind cabinets, and just about any place that doesn’t have frequent interference from humans is a favorite with roaches.

Proper sanitization in every corner is therefore essential or calling in an exterminator is the best way to get rid of cockroaches