Can Cockroach Eggs Stick To Your Clothes?

Cockroach eggs are quite sticky and yes can very well stick to your clothes. This is because cockroaches can enter your wardrobe and can easily lay eggs in there. Cockroaches lay eggs in an egg pouch known as ootheca. These oothecae can contain at least hold 50 eggs, but this is rarely the case as it is very possible that a lot of eggs can die in the process for whatever reason. So what do you do when you see these eggs? To begin with, cockroach eggs have the appearance of white slimy balls. When you see these eggs, the first thing to do is to wash the clothes in hot soapy water since cockroaches and eggs cannot survive the extreme heat that the washing machine is set to. So what to do against cockroaches in your home?

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 This also leads to a big question. If you have eggs then do you have cockroaches? Yes, the answer is a resounding and concerning yes. The thing with cockroaches is that when they find a place that fulfills their criteria, they will have no reason to leave and these are the criteria that they look for. Warmth, moisture, food, and shelter. These are the things that keep attracting cockroaches. Cockroaches are for this reason often found in the bathroom and the kitchen. Cockroaches are incredibly flexible and resilient insects and to show how resilient they are, consider that they can survive 30 min without oxygen. If they are decapitated, they can survive a few days!

In the kitchen, the cockroaches are there for food and nothing more and this is why they can be found under electrical appliances and even in these appliances. This is why you will find cockroaches in the dishwasher, under the fridge, and in the oven. This is because crumbs can be a whole meal for the cockroach. Still, water also attracts cockroaches as well as the leftovers on the dishes. This brings us to the solution. The best solution is to have a good cleaning regime. This includes the countertops, floors, cupboards, and drawers. Remember that cockroaches are attracted to the smallest of crumbs and will also inform others of this.

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects which entail that they are active at night and inactive during the day and this happens to be a good way to see if you have an infestation. If you see a lot of cockroaches in the daytime then you can assume that you have a cockroach infestation on your hands and that you should hire professional assistance. Professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto are licensed and insured professionals that have all the tools at hand to promise a successful cockroach eradication at fordable prices. If you need cockroaches gone, call our customer representatives at xxx-xxxx-XXXX.