Can Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Your Ear?

We all wondered whether it was true or not and today we are putting this question to rest with some interesting facts. So, the question remains, can they? They can, but they will not and it is not possible to do so even though the ear is everything that a cockroach is looking for when it is looking for a nesting spot. Cockroaches in general look for dark, warm, and moist spots to lay their eggs in and this is what the ear exactly provides.

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 The cockroach though will need a considerable amount of time to have these eggs hatch and this is impossible to do so. On average it takes about 4-8 weeks to do. Thus, it becomes impossible to even begin with. Cockroaches think in terms of safety and the ear is not safe because of how easy it is to feel something is wrong. Cockroaches are very wary of danger and that is why they are often found in dwellings that are out of sight.

Cockroaches also happen to be a nocturnal creature which means that you are not supposed to see them in the daytime. For anyone who has had or has a roach problem dreads the night because that is the time when most, if not all cockroaches are active and come out of their nest to look for food. There is an old tale still going around that for every roach you see outside there are 10-12 roaches.

 Well, you’d have to disappoint your grandmother on this one because the actual number is far above this, and this is because they are excellent a reproducing. The number can reach the thousands. Roaches will lay egg sacks which are called an ootheca. These oothecae can carry up to 50 eggs. These same cockroaches will reproduce with other cockroaches and will cause a frenzy in a short amount of time.

Cockroaches can be found when you know where to look because they happen to have an aversion to people. Cockroaches can be found in drawers, cupboards, and under appliances like the fridge, oven, and dishwasher. Since bathrooms also have moisture, you will also find them in the bathroom eating on hair and soap since they are omnivores eating everything.

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