Can Cockroaches Cause Health Problems

Yes, cockroaches can cause health problems and a lot more. Cockroaches can cause health problems for those who are suffering from respiratory issues and those who have a compromised immune system. Cockroach presence will mainly affect those who are young and old and will cause symptoms to flare up. For example, for those who have asthma, the accumulation of cockroaches can result in shortness in breath, wheezing, frequent coughing, and eczema.

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If there is a history of asthma in your family your kids can also experience these symptoms. If you have a baby, for example, look for nose flaring and see if their ribs are sucked in. If you do have a history of asthma and do not see these symptoms then go to a medical professional and have your child[ren] checked out for possible symptoms that are not visibly detected.

Causes of Flare-ups

The reason why cockroaches and other insects cause asthma symptoms to flare up is that these cockroaches will leave behind allergens with their prothoracic legs. These legs are the shortest and the closest to the cockroach’s body. These legs will have traces of bacteria where they have been roaming around and these places happen to be the dirtiest places of them all. To name a few where these cockroaches have been wandering around check the list below.

Places where you can find cockroaches frequently

• Landfills
• Dumpsters
• Sewers
• Streets
• Forests/Outdoors

No, where you know where these critters roam around, consider the following places indoors where they are often seen!

• Kitchens
• Cabinets
• Cellars
• Bathrooms
• Food prep areas
• Pantries
• Sink Area

You might notice that all these places have things in common and these are water, food, grease, and warmth. This is because the cockroach will look for these things to get their food and water supply. Cockroaches love warmth and love moisture. These are places where you can find cockroaches and where they will lay eggs. Cockroach eggs are a real threat to the stability of your home since these egg pouches, called an ootheca, can contain up to 50 eggs and will result in 50 nymphs!

What to do against cockroaches?

Lots of people do not know that there is even an issue even when they see a few cockroaches running around. If you are like many people, you probably will take a trip to the local store and pick up a can of cockroach spray and call it a day. If you see a cockroach and will spray on-site. While that may kill the cockroach, it will not take care of the actual issue which is out of sight, deep behind the walls, holes, and crevices, there are nests with thousands of cockroaches waiting to come out. If you recognize cockroach signs, hire professional help!

Professional Intervention

Professionals that are licensed and certified focus their attention on the root of the infestation instead of the few outliers that you have been spraying non-stop. Technicians carefully inspect the premises, determine the areas of activity, and then deploy their commercial-grade pesticides. Not only do they kill the source, but they will also take care of those pesky roaches that you and I (Greetings from the writer) will not see.

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