Can you Transfer Cockroaches From One House to Another

Cockroaches are horrible creatures that seem to give people absolutely no break. They are known to be people as who being very resilient, stubborn, and incredibly hard to kill. So of course, people will ask if cockroaches can transfer from house to house. Before we delve into that, it is important to answer why they want to transfer from house to house in the first place. Cockroaches are opportunistic insects that will look for food wherever they can find it, and that even includes going to the dirties pleases known to man like sewers, landfills, and on the streets.

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 Cockroaches for this very reason can not only transfer from house to house but are also capable to transfer a host of diseases. So, spotting cockroaches should be of great concern since they can also reproduce incredibly fast. Cockroaches lay eggs known as ootheca. Cockroaches can lay as many as 50 eggs in a single ootheca and these cockroaches have the ability to spread from there on so it is understandable that cockroaches are a real menace when it comes to the peace of the house.

So back to the question, yes you can transfer cockroaches from house to house, and in fact, that is how the majority, if not all cockroach infestations start. Cockroaches are often brought in boxes, clothes, furniture, and luggage. From there on, they can migrate to spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom of the infestation gets really bad! If you happen to have stayed over in a place with a known cockroach problem, it is very advisable to make sure to check all your luggage and all your items before you stayed over the place. If you yourself are facing a cockroach issue, make sure that you don’t bring your old roaches into a new place before they will infest this space as well. Some people even throw their cockroaches in the trashcan in the hopes they’re dead!

Cockroaches are creatures of habit and will not migrate from one place to another without a good reason. If you have cockroaches in one house it does not necessarily mean that you will also have roach problems, but with anything, it isn’t entirely sure. Depending on whether you live in a multi-residential apartment or not can completely change the situation and can make your neighbour’s problem yours. Cockroaches are very adventurous and will take any opportunity to explore other places. Because of their incredibly flexible exoskeleton, cockroaches are able to flatten themselves and wring themselves through holes as small as 3mm.

If you notice that you have a few cockroaches, pay attention to whether they are appearing during the day. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures which means that they are active during the night and inactive during the day. They are not supposed to be out unless their nest is so overcrowded and short on food, that they are forced to go out during the day. If you need cockroaches removed, call the fully insured and licensed professionals at Cockroach Control Toronto. At 647-560-0345