How To Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your Kitchen

Cockroaches are probably the most despised household pests and every home owner is consistently looking for ways of keeping them out of their homes. While cockroaches can be found in almost any part of the house, their fondest place is in the kitchen area. This is because they love feeding on garbage, crumbs and food craps while spreading dangerous germs everywhere they pass. They pose a great healthy risk to you and the members of your family if they are left to crawl on the shelves and dishes at night. Thus, it is very crucial that cockroaches are kept out of the kitchen.

The good news is that, there are a few precautions that one can pursue to control and prevent pests such as cockroaches from entering the kitchen. The following are a few important tips on how to prevent cockroaches from entering your kitchen.

1. Always keep the dust bin clean, covered and ensure to empty it regularly

2. The top and bottom parts of the refrigerator are usually warm hence attracting cockroaches. Therefore, ensure to clean such these parts on a regular basis because crumbs seem to gather here.

3. Cockroaches love gathering and hiding near water. It is therefore important to repair any leaking areas underneath the sink as well as the sink top as soon as possible.

4. Always ensure to clean the areas beneath the stove and baseboards as they are favorite places for cockroaches. These areas should be crumb and water free.

5. Ensure to always keep your food in plastic, glass or metal containers with airtight lids so as to keep cockroaches away

6. Cockroaches usually hide in the cracked parts of drawers, cabinets and shelves. Ensure that this kitchen areas are properly lined and repaired as soon as any damages are noticed. In addition, the lining paper should always be kept flat to ensure that pests do not hide underneath it.

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