Does insect spray kill cockroaches

That is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds and rightfully so! The answer to that is yes and no. You see cockroach spray does kill cockroaches but is not designed for the number of cockroaches the spray should be used for. Yes, cockroach spray will work perfectly for a couple of cockroaches you see here and there, but it is futile for the cockroaches that have taken your home hostage and have stormed the property with hundreds of cockroaches all at once.

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The issue with over-the-counter insect spray is that cockroaches over time can develop[ immunity against it which makes the insect spray pretty useless. There are literally thousands of insect sprays on the market and only a few will give you the results they promised.

The Mode of Action

The success of the insecticide depends largely on the Mode of Action. It is just a fancy way of saying or uhm- writing how a substance reacts to the insect when it comes in contact with the insides of the body. A lot of insecticides and insect sprays can be categorized into multiple categories. Some insecticides target the neural system or the brain, and some target other systems.

Let’s take a look at some chemical classes!

Phyretines and pyrethroids

These are ultimately derived from the chrysanthemum flower and are highly effective! The only downside is that they break down very rapidly at very high temperatures! This makes them quite unstable. These chemicals are mostly found where time is of the essence because of their potency. They can quickly de-escalate the situation and kill them in a very short time. These chemicals are mostly found near food sources. Since phytins are so unstable, scientists have modified the chemical structure in order to make a synthetic version called Pyrentoid

How do you prevent cockroaches?

Cockroaches can be prevented by maintaining a very strict cleaning regime. Cockroaches as mentioned before are attracted to food and water. While things like warmth cannot be so easily avoided, food and water are often the results of leftovers or crumbs. Cockroaches will eat that and keep coming back and will see places such as the kitchen as their permanent source of food.

Cockroaches will also take advantage of leaky pipes and dishwater that is often used to ‘soak’ plates overnight. This works as a double advantage for the cockroaches who not only get to drink but can also feast because of the leftovers on the plates. The only way to resolve this issue effectively is to call in the help of professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto that have the knowledge and the skills to make sure cockroaches are found and exterminated. Call us at 647-560-0345