Crushing Cockroaches Releases Eggs

Everyone without a doubt hates cockroaches and these buggers can really be found in the most unlikely places, and it has become a joke of some sort that cockroaches are so strong that they are able to even survive a nuclear bomb, While that claim might be a bit congested, cockroaches are certainly not your average insect.

If you think you have cockroaches in your home or see eggs, contact your local pest-licensed and insured pest control technicians from Cockroach Control Toronto. 

There are many myths surrounding cockroaches. But here are a few facts! They can survive without their heads for about a week and can survive without oxygen for 30 minutes, and they kind of eat everything that comes in their path. This includes not shying away from their own kind. So cockroaches are really the insects you do not want to mess with.

Then again, cockroaches are known as an invasive pest that sends chills up anyone’s spine that comes across these repulsive creatures. Cockroaches are known to be incredible at reproducing by laying up to 50 cockroach eggs in a sack called the ootheca. Multiply that sack by 4 times and the cockroach will set about 100 or so cockroaches loose in a single year.

The best way to kill a cockroach you would think is to step on it, but this is not the advice that anybody should follow even though it is part of a natural reflex to step on an insect when you do not like it. The cockroach though is a bit different. You see when you step on the cockroach, it has the chance of sending eggs in all kinds of directions and not really eliminating the issue but actually helping the issue instead.

They can even be on your clothes as well. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to take preventive measures by making sure that your workspace and living space is clean at all times. Now that we are increasingly working and living from home, the situation can become a little bit difficult to manage because your houses will also double as a break room as well where all kinds of crumbs can end up on the floor will end up in the cockroach’s system.

The cockroach will move to residential properties because it will have an abundant amount of food and water. Apart from that, the cockroach is also very attracted to grease, warmth, and moisture. All of that is present in almost every modern home in Canada. This is the reason why cockroach is often found in the kitchen and seen congregating on the countertop in the middle of the night.

This is because these insects are known as nocturnal creatures which entail that they are active during the night and that they are inactive during the day. These cockroaches will invade any kind of appliance to get to the food and this will mostly involve the dishwasher since leftovers are found there along with adequate moisture.

The best way is to remove food and water, fix pipes and leaks, and maintain a good cleaning regime. Wipe down countertops and floors. Over-the-counter products will not really have any effect since the number is too great. We advise you to hire licensed and insured pest control professionals such as Pest Control Toronto. Call us at 647-560-0345.