How to Keep Cockroach Away from Cabinets

Cockroaches are one of the most despised pests that people can think of and this is not just at home in Canada, but this sentiment can’t be felt across the board, that board being the world where the cockroach thrives and have been pestering people in their homes for centuries. The cockroach is often regarded as the natural trash can of the world is an omnivore meaning that it will devour everything that comes in its path.

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This can include trash, leftovers, human hair, soap, and even when they are in the mood for it, their own kind! The cockroach is an incredible example of how survival and evolution go hand in hand in making the most successful pest that roams the earth to this day. For example, a cockroach can live 30 minutes without any oxygen supply whatsoever and can even live several days without a head! This is what scares most people of how seemingly indestructible they are when people come eye to eye with them.

Cockroaches will flock to residential places because our homes are one of the best places for cockroaches to stay protected, to breed, and get a stable source of food and water. Since cockroaches are mainly attracted to heat, water, food, and grease, it is a no-brainer that the first place for a cockroach would be the kitchen. Depending on how heavy your infestation is, there is no doubt that you have seen a couple of cockroaches exploring the kitchen because as earlier mentioned, the kitchen is the place to be for them and there is no reason to go away.

Cockroaches will go inside cabinets and in drawers to look for food and this can lead to a surge of cockroach sightings in a very short time. Cockroaches use chemical signals to signal fellow roaches which will lead to a never-ending flow of cockroaches. So what do you do to keep cockroaches away from cabinets?

Cleaning the cabinets

This might be the most straightforward solution. There is when fighting cockroaches and keeping them away from cabinets. The trick is to empty the cabinets and get rid of any spills and seal everything up in containers or jars. Cockroaches will take any opportunity to go where spills and food are most likely to be found.

Cleaning the floor

Cockroaches are omnivores and when it comes to baby cockroaches and smaller cockroaches, the floor will be the main spot where cockroaches take food from. Leftovers, crumbs, and anything underneath the fridge will have to be cleaned.

Applying Gel bait in cabinets

Gel baits are a very nifty way to keep cockroaches away from cabinets, but this will need to be carefully applied and with a strategy behind it. Geld baits are a great method because of the cockroaches’ habit of also foraging food and bringing it back to the nest. If you are unsure of these baits, the best solution is always to hire a licensed and insured pest pro.

If you see an increase in cockroaches, you might have a cockroach issue. Hire fully licensed and insured professionals that have access to commercial-grade pesticides that have long-lasting residual effects that will continue eliminating cockroaches after technicians have left. For more info, call xxxx-xxxx-xxxx