How to identify if you have a cockroach problem

Cockroaches are household pests which are mostly active at night and this makes it difficult for one to realize that an infestation problem exists. This brings in the question: which tactics should you employ on how to identify if you have a cockroach problem? The answer may be found by being on the lookout for the following:

Physical appearance:

The sight of these pests during the day is one of the signs that a problem exists since this means that their hideouts are overcrowded and thus they are trying to find new places for a cover. They may be seen crawling on the walls, on the kitchen surfaces or on the floor.


Cockroach droppings are brown in color and tend to resemble coffee crumbs. This may b found inside the kitchen cabinets or even laundry drawers and this means that the hideout is just close-by between the joints or in any other hidden corner.


These are normally oval and brown in color. They appear to be attached on the surface especially on the hidden part of a cabinet door near the hinges. A closer look may reveal segment lines. They normally appear in isolation but where a cluster is observed, it is a sure sign of a serious infestation.

Crawling sounds:

A soft continuous sound, like that made when crumpling a soft paper material, can be heard from the infested area at night and this is often made by the cockroaches as they crawl to find food. Where the bigger species are involved, they can be heard while attempting to fly.

Musty odor:

Sometimes there is an emission of a funny musty smell which comes from an area where the cockroaches are hiding and this might become evident in the air if the area is heavily infested.

Those are some of the signs to look out for in order to identify a cockroach problem and then take the appropriate eradication measures.

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