Treatment methods that do not involve cockroach sprays!

We have all been there trying to get rid of cockroaches with all kinds of sprays and traps, but sometimes we must realize that the best methods do not always have to involve chemicals. It turns out that the best method of prevention is just making sure that cockroaches cannot get their -uhm hands on the food and water. Cockroaches will flock to properties for food and water but will also flock because of the nice and toasty temperatures that many homes have!

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Therefore you will see find time at strange places such as the electrical outlet! Cockroaches will take advantage of the many entry points around the building and make sure they can get inside and reproduce.

A small cockroach issue can therefore blow up to a full-blown cockroach frenzy in a matter of months! Below are things that you should be taking care of. The list is extensive, but believe us, it is well worth it!

• Seal leftover food in airtight containers –  Make sure all your food from last night part is stored properly. Food will attract these critters from miles away!

• Keep your sink cleared out – It might be a pain, but the pain is well worth it! Washing dishes is important to keep the roaches away. The same goes for water and food sources!

• Empty your trash cans –  The trash is a big source of cockroach problems. Because it has everything the cockroach ever wanted. It has food, moisture, and when lucky even water or some type of liquid. So make sure to take the trash out as often as possible!

• Scrub down –  Debris, grease, and all kinds of icky stuff can accumulate underneath your electrical appliances such as your fridge or oven. This is why a lot of cockroaches tend to be there. Give them a good scrub, and notice the change!

• Designate an eating room – Make sure you and your family limit your eating to one room. If you have an eat-in kitchen or dining room, consume all your meals in that room. Do not allow anyone to eat in their rooms, the living room, or other rooms in the house to prevent the spread of a possible food source.

• Disinfect countertops – Make sure you clean and disinfect your countertops every single night before you go to bed. Vinegar seems to do the trick very well!

Along with proper sanitation, you should remove any food source that cockroaches have access to. In any case of cockroach sightings, especially at night. Consider hiring professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto for permanent removal. Call 647-560-0345