How to Get Rid of Small Cockroaches in Kitchen Naturally

Cockroaches are very hardy insects that are very hard to get rid of without professional intervention, but it is possible to get rid of cockroaches naturally. The kitchen remains a hotbed for cockroaches to stay in because of the many amenities that the cockroach can get there since the kitchen is a true hotbed. There is one reason why these cockroaches stay in the kitchen and that is the abundance of food, and not only that it is because cockroaches are also attracted to water, grease, and warmth, and this will increase the number of cockroaches that will stay in the kitchen.

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 The biggest culprit of cockroaches in the kitchen is the amount of food that is dropped on the floor, You might have experienced this one time that when you have a cockroach infestation in your hose you notice an unusual amount of cockroaches during the day in the kitchen and that you want nothing more to swat them away, but when you are about to give them the kiss of death with a sandal, a newspaper, or whatever your weapon of choice is, they scurry away.

This is because cockroaches are there for a reason. The story entirely changes whenever you turn on the lights in the kitchen whenever you want to get your 3 AM snack and night and to your surprise find a true convention of roaches everywhere scrambling to get out of sight. Now you are afraid to go to the kitchen hoping that you won’t ever have to relive that experience ever again. So, what can you do against these cockroaches that have taken over your home and are there any hope of getting your kitchen back ever? It turns out that you have to get rid of the source that sucked them into the kitchen and that source is food and water.

Once you get rid of that source, cockroaches will find no reason to stay so make sure you get to sweeping your floor and cleaning up leftovers with the dustpan because cockroaches will flock to everything that they can eat even though it might not even look appetizing or edible to us. The key is to remove any type of food particles and to make sure all the food is stored in tightly sealed containers, because yes, surprise surprise, cockroaches have the ability to smell food that they are able to use to get to the food as soon as possible. Make sure to also remove still water in the sink which means dumping out the leftovers that get stuck in the strainer. Cockroaches have a love for moisture and will also go underneath the sink. Make sure any leaky pipes are fixed as well as they can draw cockroaches.

Bay leaves are said to be a very effective method. Bitter and fresh bay leaves are very effective at repelling these critters. Make sure to spread them at places they like to frequent.

If you still have cockroach issues, the best way is to get rid of them with the help of professional exterminators from Cockroach Control Toronto.