What Cockroach Dust is and what it does

Cockroach dust is a powerful type of insecticide that not a lot of people know of since most people are familiar with cockroach sprays. It is often used in combination with cockroach gels which cockroaches flock to. Cockroach dust is not baited, but more of a sort of adhesive that latches on the cockroach body. This dust causes cockroaches to dry out and is very powerful when it is used in areas where a lot of cockroaches are hidden. Cockroach dust is mostly used in cockroaches and are applied using a duster.

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Cockroach dust is mainly used for crevices, holes, and gaps where bait gels cannot reach and where cockroaches harbour. These are behind light switches, behind cabinets, and wall cavities. Since the dust comes into a powdered form, the insecticide has a very long shelf life and is not susceptible to losing its strength over time as fast compared to bait gels which will need to be applied again after a certain period has passed.

To find out which areas are suitable for dust applications, professionals conduct a detailed interior inspection where their goal is to pinpoint areas of concern and determine areas of high activity. The dust is then carefully applied using a bulb duster which will reach far inside whatever cavities the dust will need to go in.

Cockroaches will look for a safe and warm spot to live in and to breed in preferably close to a food source and for this reason cockroaches are mostly found in and near the kitchen where food and water are readily available. Cockroaches are in the dishwasher and people need to get rid of them! Most, if not all the counter-products have a limitation in the reach that it can have when it comes to eliminating cockroaches and this is why it is wise to call in the help of professionals who are licensed, certified, and most importantly of course, qualified and experienced to deal with the cockroaches.

Professionals use a wide range of insecticides that are only for professional use only which means that the general public does not have access to such products. Aside from dust, technicians also use liquids, gels, and mists that has a broad range when it comes to filling a big space. Technicians look at kitchen cabinets and apply pesticides to get rid of them.

The way that cockroaches often get inside the building is by being brought in. This is how most cockroach infestations happen since they have the ability to travel along with people in several ways. Cockroaches more than often find weaknesses around the building and find their way inside. These are called entry points and are all scattered all over the exterior which gives direct access to the interior of the house. Cockroaches are incredibly nimble because of their exoskeleton and can fit through holes as small as a couple of millimetres!

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