Can a Dead Cockroach Lay Eggs?

No, a dead cockroach cannot lay eggs. The eggs are kept in an egg sack called the ootheca. However, when you do try to squash a cockroach, the eggs and or the egg sack may shoot out from the body spreading the eggs everywhere and being lost. Certain cockroach species can produce more eggs than others such as the German Cockroach which can produce more than 50 cockroach eggs in a single egg sack. The alarming thing about this is that the cockroach can lay eggs every 6 weeks which can lead to a lot of cockroaches over time in a very short time. However, when a cockroach is dead it cannot give birth, but a failed attempt at killing it can very likely squeeze and launch the egg sack.

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Cockroaches will lay their eggs in places where there is a food source nearby. Cockroaches will also naturally flock to places where there is enough moisture and warmth available. For this reason, a lot of cockroaches will move to the kitchen and bathroom where there is plenty of moisture and warmth found. Most often, they will hide in cracks and crevices and all kinds of compartments. It is even possible if units are connected for cockroaches to transfer over.

As for the kitchen is concerned, cockroaches will go into drawers, cabinets, and pantries mostly. This will also include the dishwasher and other electrical appliances that are in the kitchen such a fridge. Cockroaches have incredibly flexible exoskeletons which allow them to wring through places with a lot of ease.

  • Abnormal frequency of cockroach sightings.
  • Cockroach sightings during the day
  • Cockroach shedding
  • Cockroach poop
  • Musty odour
  • Dead cockroaches on the floor at random
  • Audibly hearing cockroach movement

If you hear any of the above signs, you might have a heavy cockroach population. The best way to deal with this issue is to hire a professional pest control exterminator. Professionals have disposal over commercial-grade pesticides that have an effective active ingredient that over-the-counter products cannot compare with.

The issue with most people that have no training in cockroach extermination is that they are heavily reliant on spotting the cockroach first. Professionals, on the other hand, take proactive action to determine areas of activity and hot spots to target cockroach presence. Cockroaches can also build over resistance against these over-the-counter products which cannot happen to commercial-grade pesticides due to the potency of the product.

For occupants to make sure that cockroaches stay away, for this, create a consistent cleaning regime. Food attracts cockroaches. Food can be anywhere from the floor to the counters. The way to handle this is to wipe down countertops and surfaces, especially in the kitchen. Water also attracts cockroaches. If you have leaky pipes make sure to address the issue. Cockroaches will especially visit the sink and the sink cabinet.

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