Do Cockroach Eggs Die in The Cold

Cockroach eggs can die in the cold when they are exposed to prolonged cold. The ootheca on the other hand can resist much colder temperatures. If you leave cockroach eggs outside at -18c you can expect them to die. This begs the question though whether grown cockroaches can survive the cold. Cockroaches are known as very resilient insects and can manage the most extreme circumstances with relative ease. They can survive a full week without a head and can survive 30 minutes without an oxygen supply.

Roaches will make sure that they are far away from the cold and this is why it is important to hire professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto.

Cockroaches are used to warm temperatures that have an adequate moisture level. Cockroaches can die from the heat. If the temperature reaches above 49c then you can expect the cockroach to live not more than a few days. The German cockroach can survive these temperatures for approximately 4 days. As the cold is concerned, cockroaches will not survive temperatures below 0c. Although this will be a slow death as well. You can expect the same duration for all cockroach species to die at these temperatures. A myth that dead cockroaches can lay eggs. This is not true at all.

Even though cockroaches cannot tolerate extreme cold, they do have a defence mechanism against it. it’s called diapause. Diapause can be compared to hibernation with the key difference that it activates with extreme adverse temperatures and weather situations. During diapause, the metabolism functions drop and with those other functions as well. This includes lower body temperature, slower breathing, and lower heart rate. Diapause is also often seen in insects while hibernation occurs in mammals.

Since winter will push cockroaches inside, there are some precautions that you can take to keep their way. Cockroaches will come through entry points, and these can be present around the whole perimeter of the building. It is highly recommended to have an exterior inspection before the colder months approach. Ideally, this should be done by a licensed and insured exterminator rather than a handyman. The reason behind this is that exterminators are familiar with the behavioural patterns of the cockroach and can propose countermeasures to prevent cockroaches from coming in. Cockroaches can have eggs in the winter and this is why this needs attention.

Other than that, there are preventive measures that people can integrate into their cleaning regime. Water and food attract cockroaches. Once these two sources are cancelled out there is not really a reason for cockroaches to come to places. By eliminating still water such as the water often left in the sink and the leftover that are often left inside, you should see fewer cockroaches. Most people think it is because of food and water but forget that warmth also plays a role in it which most people cannot control. And so, professional extermination is the best option to get rid of the roaches for good. If you have a multi-unit building make sure that cockroaches can’t transfer.

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