Cockroach Control Ideas for Your Kitchen

While cockroach infestations can occur in any part of the home, the kitchen remains the most vulnerable area. Controlling the cockroach population thus requires a lot of patience and skill. There are varied cockroach control ideas for your kitchen that one can apply.

To get rid of these pests, one should use remedies that will not contaminate the food. These thus ought to be nontoxic. Adhesive traps can be used to get rid of them. A mixture of borax and sugar can also kill them asĀ  can baking soda. Cucumber and garlic slices could also be used to repel them.

To ensure that the cockroaches get nothing to feed on, all bins should always be sealed and emptied regularly. Leftover food should be stored in secure containers while any waste should be cleared and not left lying around the kitchen. It should also be kept free of clutter. This will starve them and thus eliminate their presence.

One should also ensure that dripping taps and any other leaks are fixed. Where one has wood fuel, it should be stored away from the kitchen and only fetched when needed. Since cockroaches hide in cracks and crevices, these should be sealed. Doing this will ensure that there is no shelter for them in the kitchen.

If after trying these home based cockroach control ideas for your kitchen there is no improvement, it might be necessary to hire professional pest controllers. These will know how best to deal with them and in ways that will not interfere with the operations of the kitchen.

The most effective way to control cockroaches is to make the kitchen uninhabitable for them. As such, whatever method one applies should be aimed at denying them food and shelter. This is more so at night when they get out of their hiding places to feed.


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