Dealing With Cockroaches At Home

The first thing in dealing with cockroaches at home is to locate their hiding places. Of course, the best time would be at night as they usually hide during the day. But, if that’s not possible, then check your pantry, cabinets, cupboards and holes or cracks around the house for their droppings which are very small brown pellets.

If you see cockroaches running around anywhere, follow them to their hiding places. They may enter your home through cracks or holes and even through vents or drains, which may not be possible to seal. So, the only alternative is to kill them. You may find some of the following ways to do so quite effective.

Making cockroach food – Mix one part each of cockroach-killing powder (available in pharmacies), white flour and granulated white sugar together and place it where you may find cockroaches running around, like near the stove, in drawers, cabinets, cupboards, etc. However, make sure your kids or pets do not eat this mixture. So, preferably place them out of their reach.

Using insecticide sprays – Buy a cockroach insecticide and spray wherever you may find roaches hiding. Make sure to follow the product’s safety instructions and keep your kids or pets away when using the spray. Applying cockroach bait – Cockroach bait is either used as a gel or housed in a childproof casing. This slow working poison, when mixed with food, is eaten by the roaches and then carried to their hiding places, where it finally kills the others there. However, place this bait only in areas where the cockroaches will find, making sure your kids or pets cannot reach it.

Using roach traps – Place several of these traps wherever cockroaches are often seen. The traps contain an adhesive which traps them when they are lured in. The above are just some of the ways in dealing with cockroaches in your home, yourself. You can also seek professional help from outside, like exterminators, if your home is badly infested with cockroaches.


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