Does Washing Clothes Kill Cockroach Eggs

Yes, washing clothes does kill cockroach eggs if it is put at the highest settings. Clothes should be washed for a prolonged time to ensure that these clothes continue to be nested for these cockroach eggs and later on cockroach nymphs. If you find cockroach eggs in your clothes, you need to take action right away and consider hiring professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto

How do Cockroach Eggs Look Like

Cockroach eggs look like round and sticky balls. Cockroaches will stay in your clothes because they see it as a very pleasant place and chose to leave their eggs there. Most eggs are contained in an egg sack called ootheca. Some cockroach species such as the German Cockroach will lay an ootheca every 6 months which means that the cockroach infestation can very fast spin out of control if nothing is done against it. There are some myths surrounding cockroach eggs such as still hatching when cockroaches die. This is not true.

If you found cockroach eggs, you might need to focus on other places as well. Your bedding might also be infested as well as your entire closet. Cockroaches are insects that seek out warmth and safety and when you find eggs In your bedding and clothes, you might have to consider hiring a professional exterminator that is licensed and insured.

What Cockroaches Look For

Cockroaches will invade the home in search of food, shelter, and warmth, and will so spread to different rooms of the house. These insects are also very fond of moisture and will for this very reason be often found in the bathroom and the kitchen. In the kitchen, they will hide in between the cracks and underneath electrical appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and even toasters.

 Believe it or not, cockroaches will also take advantage of the gaps to crawl inside the washing machine for food and for the suitable environment that they like. They will eat from the leftovers, and since they are omnivores, anything goes, and everything passes. Roaches will leave their fecal matter inside the longer they stay inside the dishwasher. The horror does not stop there but also continues outside in the sink. Dirty dishes are a food source, and the still water left inside the sink for the dishes to “soak” is used as a water source. Do also not throw away cockroaches in the trash.

Things down on the floor will not look any better as crumbs will leave the cockroach filled for an entire day. To fight the cockroach infestation, washing clothes is not the only solution, but cleaning everything and tidying everything will make the roaches stay away. People even resort to using natural methods such as bay leaves for cockroaches.

What You Should Do?

Floors, cupboards, drawers, pantries, and cabinets should all be cleaned. Countertops and flat surfaces as well. If you have a cluttered home, it is recommended to throw away anything things that make the house a hotbed for cockroaches. A clean and organized house or space is something that cockroaches do not want.  If you notice too many cockroaches, call the exterminators from Cockroach Control at 647-560-0345.