Cockroach Poop vs Eggs

Cockroaches are one of the most hated pests that one can come across. This is due to the fact that cockroaches are extremely successful pests that let nothing get in their way. They are highly adaptable and can survive one of the most extreme circumstances and situations. These insects have been around since dinosaurs were roaming the earth and have ever been part in humanity struggle against these pests ever since.

Both cockroach poop and eggs are signs of cockroach infestation. Call the professionals for permanent removal. Call Cockroach Control.

 Cockroaches invade houses in great numbers in search of food, shelter, and warmth and have cleverly exploited and circumvented numerous entry points to get inside of our residences. Cockroaches will often go to rooms in the house where food is found very easily and in abundance, and for this very reason, they will often set shop in the kitchen. Cockroaches will need very little food to survive and can literally live off crumbs.

To make matters even worse, they can survive a full year without water if needed. Cockroaches are truly incredible as much as they are horrible insects to have around.  As with any insects, roaches will leave traces of their presence, This can be seen in various ways. An obvious sign of cockroach presence is seeing live roaches creeping and crawling around and another sign that people not immediately think of is seeing actually roach poop. People might resort to over-the-pesticides, but even these products have their drawbacks!

Yes, roaches can poop, but cannot pee. The reason why this happens is that the undigested food is processed into the cockroach poop. Cockroaches can poop as much as they eat and this will be a clear indicator of cockroach presence as well. Cockroach poop will look like small brown pellets and can stick to surfaces based on how recently the poop was dropped.

They have a cylindrical shape to them and can be seen in different sizes. Most of the cockroach droppings can be seen where these roaches hang out the most and that is the kitchen and other food sources such as near the garbage. If cockroaches spread out, these droppings can also be found in the bathroom since they are fond of moisture.

Cockroach eggs on the other hand can be found in places where the cockroaches set up a nest. Cockroaches will come through entry points. Depending on the severity of the infestation cockroach eggs can be even found in clothes and in bedding as well. Cockroach eggs are white and sticky and can virtually cling to any kind of surface. In normal circumstances, these eggs are in an egg pouch called the ootheca where these eggs are contained.

If you notice cockroach eggs and cockroach poop around your home, contact the professionals from cockroach control by calling 647-560-0345