How to Use Bay Leaves for Cockroaches

Bay leaves have a lot of benefits when it comes to cuisine where it used to get rid of the bitterness of many dishes. Many cultures use bay leaves in their food all around the world, but did you know that bay leaves also can be used as an effective way to ward off cockroaches? Yes, bay leaves are already in many pantries, so you won’t have to get out on a limb to purchase some expensive cockroach repellent.

The reason why bay leaves might be an effective solution is that their scent might keep cockroaches away. Bay leaves are easy to clean up and easy to throw up away when they aren’t used anymore. Fresh bay leaves may smell bitter, but as time goes on the smell and the strength may wear off. So how do you use bay leaves for cockroaches?

The trick is to not just scatter them around at random and not to leave a pile of bay leaves around on the floor, but to target them in places they like to flock to and these can be a few places. These bay leaves will be primarily used in the kitchen because that is where cockroaches will flock to the most since they have a love for moisture, food, and water.

Bay Leaf Placement 

 In the kitchen, you would want to put bay leaves behind the stove, in the cupboards, and underneath any appliances, because that is where cockroaches love to crawl under and get their food from. Not only does it help to target these places, it will also give you the opportunity to learn about what places will attract most cockroaches. You see cockroaches, as mentioned before, will flock to places where there is food, and the kitchen is the perfect place to feed themselves.

Make sure to wipe off countertops and remove food crumbs no matter how small they are. Dirty dishes, pots, and pans are a great source of food for the cockroaches, so make sure to do the dishes as possible. It is good to get in the habit of cleaning right away. Foods that are out in the open should be sent away immediately into the fridge in a tightly sealed container so as not to incite cockroaches to come looking for the food.

Professional Solutions

 Pipes should be fixed under the sink, as any type of water leaking from them will attract cockroaches. Make sure to discard leftovers from the drain and to throw away oil in the garbage bins and close it instead of discarding it in the sink. Cockroaches are also attracted to grease as well. Still, water should also be removed. As such, water should be properly drained. For professional cockroach control, call the insured and licensed professionals from Cockroach Control Toronto. Call 647-560-0345