How To Prevent A Cockroach Infestation

Just like other pests that invade homes, cockroaches are simply looking for water, food, humidity and shelter. The best place to find these amenities is your home. However, cockroaches spread diseases because they carry germs, they spread asthma and allergies and therefore you must prevent them from making your house their home.

Cockroaches like places that are hidden, humid and dark. Therefore start by sealing all crevices and cracks using high quality caulking. Pay more attention to around window and door moldings, inside storage closets and cabinets. You also need to prevent leakages around pipes and baseboards as well as at the back splash close to the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.

In most cases, cockroaches enter your home when there is left-over food and spillages. This means that you must learn to keep the house clean and left-over foods must be picked up and secured in boxes, tins or in a refrigerator. The spillages and food crumbs need to be cleaned immediately. Again, empty your trash receptacles everyday and the trash cans should have tightly sealing lids.

You can prevent the infestation by use of insecticides that include sprays and powders. The powders are based on boric acid and you only need to sprinkle them under ovens, fridges and sinks. Sprays target crevices and cracks that cockroaches use as their hiding places. While insecticides can be very effective, you must be cautious while using them because they can harm pets and children if misused. Ensure that you also use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your home has not yet been infested with cockroaches, use the above tips to safeguard it so that they will not even consider it as base. If they have already invaded your home, you can still use the above tips to ensure that they will not return at all. Again ensure that you only use methods that are non-toxic to animals and humans.


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