How to Identify The American Cockroach

Identifying the American cockroach is not easy if you do not have information on the pest. The following is some information that you can use to easily identify if your home is infested by American cockroaches.


The American cockroaches are one of the largest cockroaches that invade a house. Adults average about 4 cm with some growing as long as 5 cm. Adult American cockroaches are mahogany or reddish brown in color. A yellow band outlines the area behind their heads. Immature nymphs have a grayish brown color. As they start maturing their color turns reddish brown. Both the females and males and can fly. They develop their wings when they have reached adulthood.


Seeing insects with the above mentioned appearance is proof of their existence. American cockroaches run very fast and they normally scurry into dark areas. When they are startled, they may fly.


Droppings can be found in dark areas where they hide. Homeowners may find their droppings behind appliances, in pantries or in basements. The droppings of American cockroaches are small and they can easily be mistaken for mouse droppings. The cockroach droppings are blunt on the ends and have ridges on the sides.

Egg capsules

Egg cases of American cockroaches are about 40 mm long. They are blackish brown, reddish or dark in color. The egg cases are normally found in kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. They may also be found behind appliances or under cabinets. Sheds and garages are also good places of storage for the cockroaches’ egg cases.


An ‘aggregation pheromone’ is produced by most cockroaches including the American cockroach. Some people have described the odor as having a ‘musty like’ smell. The odor ensures the cockroaches stay together in groups. When they have formed a large group, the odor can be smelled by people with sensitive noses. All these are ways that can be used to identify the American cockroach.

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