What temperature kills cockroach eggs

Cockroaches can die when they are exposed to cold for a long time. The exact temperature is around the -9 mark. When cockroach eggs are exposed without an ootheca, you can expect them to die right away. Cockroaches themselves are very resilient and can survive under very extreme temperatures. They thrive in warm environments as opposed to cold temperatures and that is why they have a liking towards warm and moist environments.

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As mentioned before, cockroaches are very acclimated toward warmer temperatures, and this is why they thrive in these kinds of environments. Cockroaches will rarely venture out in cold weather and will survive to tell the tale, but this does not mean that these cockroaches are all about enjoying the sun to their fullest. In fact, when the temperature reaches about 49 c. the temperature kills cockroaches.

Even though cockroaches cannot tolerate extreme cold, they do have a defence mechanism against it and it’s called diapause. Diapause can be compared to hibernation with the key difference being that it is activated with extremely adverse temperatures and weather situations. During diapause, the metabolism functions get dropped and those other functions as well. This includes lower body temperature, slower breathing, and lower heart rate. Diapause is also often seen in insects while hibernation occurs in mammals.

Precautions need to be taken before the winter months since cockroaches will inevitably find a way to get inside your home through the many entry points – crevices, holes, and gaps on the exterior of the building that gives cockroaches access to the interior of the building and from there on can spread further.  This can pose several issues such as a incontrollable infestation that cannot be solved with consumer-grade pesticides.

Other than that, there are preventive measures that people can integrate into their cleaning regime. Cockroaches are attracted to water and food. Once these two sources are cancelled out there is not really a reason for cockroaches to come to places. By eliminating still water such as the water often left in the sink and the leftover that are often left inside, you should see fewer cockroaches. Most people think it is because of food and water but forget that warmth also plays a role in it which cannot be controlled by most people. And so, professional extermination is the best option to get rid of the roaches for good.

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