German Cockroach Egg Hatching

Female German cockroaches are one of the invasive cockroach species that roam houses in Southern Ontario and beyond. They have the ability to lay egg cases around every 6 weeks and it will take around weeks for the eggs to eventually hatch. These eggs are laid in an egg sack called an ootheca and they can contain about 50 eggs. During the entire life span, the cockroach will be able to lay about 4 to 6 egg sacks and will be responsible for hatching a lot of mini cockroaches. Their average life span can last from three months to six months and can be the cause of around 400 or more cockroaches!

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This goes to prove that when you see a few cockroaches you are not simply seeing the same ones over and over again, but are dealing with a serious cockroach infestation that has taken over your entire house. German cockroaches live and hide in places where food and water are easily accessible and for this reason alone, these cockroaches can be found around the kitchen very often. If not, they will be found in the bathroom as well In very advanced infestations because they are also attracted to moisture.

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures which entails that they eat everything that they find with no particular aversion for foods and this can be seen by the way they will literally eat hair, soap, feces, and a whole lot of other things that humans cannot even fathom eating. Since cockroaches are also attracted to warmth, they will be found under electrical appliances and even inside them. It is certainly not uncommon to see roaches in your dishwasher or in an electrical outlet.

These cockroaches will also be found inside dishwashers and in sinks. There is a very good reason for that because cockroaches will have a liking for scraps since they are easily accessible. Cockroaches will flock to these places and will profit off it. This is why your surfaces need to be properly cleaned from floors, countertops, drawers, and cupboards. This also of course applies to any crumbs or any food stored outside.

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