cockroach spray dangerous humans

Cockroach sprays can be dangerous to humans when they are not used properly and against instructions, This is why it is very important to read the instructions beforehand and to create a safe working environment in which the cockroach space is to be utilized.

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Cockroach space affects the central nervous system of the cockroach and dust is fatal for cockroaches.
However, when people ingest enough pesticides they can become dangerous to humans as well, especially the ones that have a compromised immune system, for example, the people that suffer from asthma or people that have ongoing symptoms.

Used chemicals in over-the-counter sprays are known as pyrethrins and pyrethroids. these compounds are derived from the chrysanthemum flower

Even though they are safe to use around people it is recommended not to spend too much time in the same space where these chemicals are sprayed in. Inhaling these insecticides can cause life-threatening symptoms when it gets into your mouth or your eyes.

Do people keep using these pesticides? The reason is very simple it is because they simply work and that is why they are very effective at eliminating cockroaches that found their way into your house. Of course, there is another alternative search as traps will take time to work and may not have the same amount of efficacy as chemical repellents. Apart from these chemical repellents, there are also a lot of natural products on the market, mostly derived from essential oils.

One of the essential oils that are known to staff away cockroaches is peppermint oil. Once 12 to 15 drops of peppermint essential oil is mixed with water, it can act as a very efficient barrier against cockroach infestations, but of course, since it is a natural product the effect may wear off over time and will need to be re-applied again and again. Especially around the kitchen  to get rid of roaches.

This may be a temporary solution and may in the long run lead to a lot of money loss. It is why it is recommended to hire a professional fully licensed and insured pest technician. These professional exterminators have years of experience and will conduct detailed interior inspections to determine and identify areas of high activity at a vulnerable point of interest. This is important as inter-connected units can transfer cockroaches from one unit to the other. When weaknesses are identified, the professional exterminator will begin his treatment process. For this, the pest control technician uses commercial-grade insecticides and uses its arsenal of proven methods and techniques to eliminate the cockroach presents for good.

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