what to spray to kill cockroaches

There are tons of cockroach sprays on the market that will give consumers all kinds of promises. Truth be told, it comes down to effective marketing and copywriting. Some over-the-counter cockroach sprays have at least one active ingredient or multiple. The industry leader in common household repellants has Imiprothrin. According to the chemical. life science and biotechnology company Sigma-Aldrich and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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“…Imiprothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It is an ingredient in some commercial and consumer insecticide products for indoor use. It has low acute toxicity to humans through inhalation and dermal routes, but to insects, it acts as a neurotoxin causing paralysis. It is effective against cockroaches, waterbugs, ants, silverfish, crickets and spiders, among others.”

Cockroach sprays are safe for indoor use. The issue with sprays is their efficacy against large swats of the population. Most over-the-counter sprays expect consumers to use the sprays on sight. This will not be enough to tackle a whole cockroach population and will hardly put a dent in the population because of cockroach spray because the active ingredients contained in the spray are too insignificant.

Another factor why cockroach sprays are ineffective is that most consumers will spray cockroaches on sight instead of going to the real issue as mentioned earlier before. The cockroaches that are seen outside are mere outliers that just represent a tiny piece of the entire picture. The actual threat is in the nest which can only be uncovered by trained and licensed individuals. Even though cockroaches seem invincible, they are not immune to extreme temperatures. If it’s too cold, cockroaches will flock inside!

cannot be accessed easily with conventional tools. These harborage areas are behind walls and for this, you will need specialized equipment and insecticides to affect the cockroach nest. For this reason, hiring professional, fully insured, licensed, and qualified pest control technicians is highly recommended. These professional technicians have access to commercial-grade insecticides in various forms. These various forms include liquids, dust And aerosol sprays. This ensures that cockroaches will be affected and all areas wherever cockroaches may stay hidden.

The benefit of these commercial-grade products is that they have a long residual effect meaning that when a cockroach comes in contact with the chemicals, it will perish. The same will happen to hatch cockroach eggs whenever they make contact with the substance. In addition to these insecticides, technicians will also apply this at areas of concern in living spaces this will eliminate all possible cockroach presence from the house, and we’ll see results in a few weeks.

If you have cockroaches or see signs of cockroach presence such as wandering cockroaches, see cockroach shells, see dead cockroaches, or even see cockroach poop, or cockroach eggs call the professionals from cockroach control Toronto for specialized treatment done by highly qualified and experienced professionals that have access to high-quality insecticides and tools. Call our customer representatives calling xxx-xxx-xxx