How Long Does It Take Cockroach Eggs to Hatch

The ootheca will hatch within 24 days to 38 days. At this time, the ootheca will break. The cockroach mother will make sure the cockroach egg is close to a food source. The ootheca is cockroach egg sacks that contain the actual eggs.

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Different species have different circumstances where the egg reaches maturity. The German cockroach for instance will take approximately 100 days to bring the egg to full maturity. The German cockroach is known as a highly invasive species since its eggs are known to contain around 50 eggs. Their egg pouches or ootheca measure about 9 mm long. German cockroaches have a liking to moisture and can be found in the kitchen and the bathroom.

On the other hand, the American cockroach is one of the biggest invasive species and they can produce an ootheca within a week when the female is at the peak of its reproductive cycle. These oothecae can even stick to surfaces with a substance secreted from the mouth and this is why It makes it hard to get rid of these eggs without professional intervention. These ootheca will measure about 8 mm and will be brown at the beginning but will slowly turn dark-brown to black over time. These cockroaches can grow out of sight and soon enough, you will be swarmed with cockroaches!

The brown-banded cockroach is characterized by the band on its body. The brown-banded ootheca is a dark red to brown colour and can measure about 5 mm long. These cockroaches can produce a whopping twenty cases per year which each contain about 18 offspring in each egg. This will of course to an infestation that will grow quickly out of control. You will need to take action to prevent an infestation.

The last one of the most common invasive cockroach species is the Oriental cockroach. These egg pouches will measure about 8 mm to 10 mm max and will contain about  16 to 18 eggs per sac. They will produce about 8 sacs per year. They will be most active during the warmer months such as the spring and the summer.

The cockroach infestation can quickly grow from a nuisance to a full-fledged life-altering issue that can have psychological effects as well. Cockroaches will flock to any random house that fulfills their criteria so when you have a cockroach issue that doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is unclean, but It does play a factor in it since these cockroaches will take advantage of everything.

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