How to Control A Cockroach Population

There are several methods that you can use to control a cockroach population. You can utilize some of the methods and principles that pest control professionals use to help eradicate cockroaches from your home.The first step is to look for dead or live cockroaches. Some of the best places to look include the kitchen cabinets, in dirty laundry and around kitchen appliances. This will help you identify the cockroach hot spots.

Principles of Controlling A Cockroach Population

The main reason why cockroaches are commonly found around the kitchen area is that this provides a major food source for them. You should start by reducing their food source by cleaning food particles that are lying around the house. Avoid leaving food stuffs around the house as they are the main reason cockroaches infest your home.

Cockroaches love warm and damp spots because they need the water in addition to food to survive. A big step to getting rid of them will be making sure that there are no warm and damp places for them to hide in. Look for and fix any leaking taps and pipes in the bathroom, kitchen and any other area that has plumbing.

Cracks, crevices and small holes around the home provide perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches. An important part of cockroach control is getting rid of their habitat which will mean filling up any broken tiles, crevices and cracks. It also helps if you avoid storage of unnecessary items in boxes or plastic bags as they also provide good breeding areas for cockroaches.

Setting up cockroach traps around your home is another method that will help in the fight against a cockroach infestation. There are special sticky paper traps that are made specifically for this purpose. They attract cockroaches using food and a special pheromone and cockroaches stick to them and get trapped once they come into contact with the sticky paper. These simple practices should help control a cockroach population.


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